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2013 Editorial Highlights

• Magnolias
• Maple Sugar
• Real American Cheese: Wisconsin
• Bibendum: Berries for Beauty
• Pay Dirt: Organic Fertilizer
• Profiles: Gary Sternberg
• We Like This: Sweeteners & How They're Made

• Children's Gardens
• CSA's—More Than Just For Veggies
• New Developments in Roses
• Test Garden Top Varieties for 2013
• Bibendum: Organic Soda
• Profiles/Destinations: Kansas City
• Simply Fresh: Using Greens Beyond the Salad
• Skills and Abilities: Shopping for Healthy Plants
• We Like this: Head to Toe Garden Clothes

• BLT—The Ultimate Summer Sandwich
• Grow It, Heal It
• Monster Tomatoes
• Common Ground: Latin Names
• Flower Power: History of Roses and Rose Products
• Simply Fresh: Gooseberries and Currant
• We Like This: Green Pet Products

• Fruit Grown in Containers
• Herb Blends for Flavor
• Lavender
• Common Ground: Sharing Your Harvest
• Destinations: Pittsburgh, PA
• Flower Power: Pet Food from the Garden
• Simply Fresh: Preserving with a Dehydrator
• We Like This: Self-Watering Planters

• Holiday Baking
• Olive Oil
• Organic Rice
• Bibendum: Rumpot
• Design Dilemma: Solar Panels
• Paydirt: Mulch and Soil Fertility
• Simply Fresh: Gifts from the Kitchen
• Skills and Abilities: Saving Seeds of Annuals
• We Like This: Gluten-Free Baking

• Community Cooking
• Leeks
• Plantsmen and Women
• The Gift of the Simple Kitchen
• Flower Power: Infused Sugars
• Pay Dirt: Soil-Borne Diseases
• Simply Fresh: Quince
• Skills and Abilities: Pot Herbs to Bring Indoor
• We Like This: Organic Kitchens

*Editorial subject to change