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Organic Gardening empowers readers to lead simpler, more efficient lives and to make positive connections with their world through their gardens. In 2010, we celebrated that connection with a relaunch that brings the good things that come naturally in life. That includes fresh ideas for home-cooked meals, innovative ways to preserve the harvest, and sound advice from nutrition professionals, to help readers use their garden to truly live their whole lives.

Simply Fresh
Features home-grown or farmers-market-fresh produce, guiding readers from garden to table with growing and harvesting information, recipes and serving suggestions.

Provident Cook
This seasonally focused section provides readers with advice and recipes on how to prepare and preserve the harvest's freshest produce to enjoy year round.

Sharing the joy of drinking – organically, sensibly and knowledgably, and visiting the vineyards, boutique breweries and organic orchards where wholesome drinks are born.

Common Ground
Exploring what "living lightly from the ground up"™, means, this section provides readers with expert insights into the world of organiculture, informing readers about the issues and controversies that are at the forefront of modern living.

Earth Matters
News and views related to the environment, keeps readers up-to-date with the most relevant information on matters effecting life on the planet.

Flower Power
Herbs have long had a dominant place in the home garden and this department explores their use, as well as traditions and innovations for health and beauty and holistic homecare, straight from the organic garden.

Design Like A Pro
Guided by professional designers, we take our readers through the elements and practicalities of garden design, providing inspiration to help them transform their personal space into an organic oasis for their family and friends to enjoy.

Plant TNT
The best way to have a healthy garden is to find the best plants to suit the site. Each issue we present readers with the plants that best meet a specific garden need and give the most "bang for buck", featuring perennial plants, shrubs, trees, bulbs and more.

Small Green America
A celebratory travel guide of those small towns across the United States – and beyond – that embody the principles of this good, organic life.

Skills And Abilities
Gardening is a global language, and this important section provides readers with accurate guidance to the skills every gardener should know and acquire, gathered from gardens and gardeners world-wide. A perfect complement to our hugely popular Ask Organic Gardening column, where we answer our readers queries.

We Like This!
An editor's marketplace round-up to provide readers with themed reviews of our favorite Organic Gardening and living products. Includes handy links to expanded e-commerce reviews on OrganicGardening.com.